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Wallpaper Store in Clearwater / Largo, Florida

Best Design Center has been selling wallpaper in Pinellas County since 1986. The home centers may have given up on decorating, but not Best Design.

Take the short ride from Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, or St. Petersburg to our showroom at 110 Clearwater Largo Rd S. Largo, Florida to view a selection of in-stock wallpaper or, spend some time looking over books from Seabrook, Brewster, Warner, York, Thibaut and more! Pick out that perfect paper for your decorating project! We can order it and have it shipped directly to your home.


With over 300 books to choose from, why shop anywhere else? Purchasing wallpaper is a touchy-feely experience. To choose wallpaper and be sure the colors or textures are right for your room, you need to be able to see the actual paper in a book.

The colors you see on your computer screen are a product of your monitor and your graphics card, and they will give you a distorted view of the paper. If you buy paper on-line, without seeing it first, you could be buying paper that is the wrong color, or, worse yet, you could be passing on a paper that is perfect for you because of the way you view it on your computer screen.

If you are serious about decorating, bring in the fabric or item that you are trying to coordinate with and spend the time looking through the books. You will be happy you did. New books arrive weekly. Support your local small business by shopping at our store and see the latest designs from the leading wallpaper distributors. Competitive pricing - up to 25% off retail pricing.

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  • Designers are showing wallpaper once again! Consider an accent or feature wall for a stunning effect - to enhance and not dominate a room. The trend now is bigger, bolder patterns. There is so much terrific paper out there, the possibilities are endless! Totally change a rooms ambiance by papering - personalize your own space. There is nothing like it.

  • Doing the work yourself? Its not like it used to be. Ask about "Earth Friendly" paper - easy on, easy off. If you do it right, it will be easy to remove when you are ready for a change.

  • Perfect for Commercial Applications, Churches, and office buildings - Wallpaper looks better and lasts much longer than paint - consider wallpapering all high traffic areas. Plus, mold is no longer a concern with the arrival of "breathable" paper. Stop by the Best and check it out! Discounts for all our commercial customers. If your thinking about painting, compare prices first!

  • Handpainted paper available. Looking for some truly unique paper? - check out Vahallan Wallcoverings - we have samples in the showroom in Largo.


Make a statement! You do not have to be boring! Also, wallpaper can hide a multitude of problems with your walls and still give you that designer look that you crave. Come see us today!


Don't worry! We provide our customers a list of professional paper hangers to do the job for you. No Hassle, No Worry - period. We service Pinellas and Sarasota Counties.

Best Design Center can help you with all your decorating projects. From wallpaper to window treatments, vertical blinds and shutters - to designing that dream kitchen that you have always wanted! E-mail us today at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Kids wallpaper available - a great way to make your child's room one he can be proud of!

Tips for Buying Wallpaper

Buying wallpaper can be confusing. While wallpaper books list the costs as price per single roll, wallpaper is manufactured and sold in double rolls. Why is that? Well, apparently years ago, you used to be able to buy single rolls - but, that is not the case anymore, double rolls are the norm - with some patterns even sold as triple rolls. The manufacturers have kept this original pricing system even though it doesn't make much sense to the average wallpaper buyer.

A double roll of wallpaper is generally 20 1/2" wide, 33' long and contains 56 square feet of paper. It will provide 3 full 8' to 9' strips.

Some double rolls are 27" wide by 27' long and contain 70 square feet of paper. Borders come in 15' long rolls. Borders come in 15' long rolls.

Drop Match?, Straight Match? (OH MY)

As the terms suggest, with a "drop match" pattern you are going to need to purchase more paper to complete your project than you would have had you selected a "straight match" - such as a vertical stripe. Drop matches normally range from 3" to 24" and require careful matching at the seams to get the look you desire.

How Much Wallpaper do I Need?

A bolt of wallpaper (a double roll with 55 to 60 sq. ft. of paper) contains 40 to 50 usable sq. ft. depending on the size of the pattern repeat (drop match). 40 sq. ft. for drops of 20" to 24" and 50 sq. ft. for small repeats or random matches.

Calculate the area of the walls to be covered (length x width) and divide by the usable sq. ft. per bolt. Then round off to the next whole number to get the correct amount of bolts required.

Example - to paper an 7' high x 13' long wall with a 21" pattern repeat wallpaper, first calculate the square footage of the wall to be covered; 7' x 13' = 91 sq. ft. Allowing for 40 sq. ft. per bolt, you would need 91/40 = 2.3 bolts, or, rounding up, three bolts of paper for this job.

Now, this is not an exact science! Having a bit of extra paper to work with and having some left over is a good thing. If your reading this, odds are that you are not a professional paper hanger - mistakes happen..... Also, if you have some left over you can repair walls that sometimes get damaged. These are two scenarios that play out consistantly in our store. There is nothing worse than having to order one more bolts of wallpaper because you estimated with no room for error.

If we have to order another roll, your job is delayed by at least a week plus the cost of the roll and shipping costs. Shelf life for patterns at the distributor is three to four years (historically). If you have had your paper up for 5 years, you absolutely love it, and the appliance guy messes up a wall installing a new refrigerator - what do you do if that paper is no longer available to buy?

Visit our wallpaper store in Largo, Florida today to see our large selection of colors and patterns!

A double roll of wallpaper is generally 20 1/2" wide, 33' long and contains 56 square feet of paper. It will provide 3 full 8' to 9' strips.

Bring us your measurements and we will work with you on your kitchen design until you are satisfied that it will be the kitchen of your dreams. Our state of the art computer systems and software will allow us to give you a 3D view of your kitchen before you buy!

Stop in at our wallpaper store in Seminole Florida on Seminole Blvd.